Film Reviews

23rd July 2019

The Dead Don’t Die

Set in the fictional Centerville the film sees the sleepy town overrun by zombies after polar fracking sends the Earth off its axis, causing the dead […]
15th July 2019

Shaft (2019)

Despite its faults, there was a great deal of fun to had in John Singleton’s Shaft (2000) with Samuel L. Jackson’s dependably charismatic performance as the […]
15th July 2019


For audiences concerned that following the success of his relentlessly bleak, shocking Hereditary Ari Aster’s sophomore feature might be a more mainstream, Hollywood affair, worry not; […]
15th July 2019


Turning the origin of Superman on its head, the premise of Brightburn – what would happen if the Kryptonian who crash-landed on a farm grew up […]
15th July 2019

Men In Black: International

With Men in Black 3 atoning for the second instalment’s many, many sins as well as neatly tying up the arcs of agents J (Will Smith) […]
15th July 2019

Dark Phoenix

Having served as screenwriter for X-Men: Last Stand and as writer or producer for all the following films in the franchise, it seems fitting that Simon […]